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Ezi’s beautifully handmade wood-encased Precision Bass humbucking pickups produce a resonating sound that is pure and true. The porous body of an Ezi Pickup, which is made out of maple, wenge or bubinga wood, has zero electrical capacitance, allowing for the true and full sound of the dynamic created between string and guitar to shine through uncorrupted and uncompressed, producing a crystalline quality sound. Using fine copper wire of the highest quality Ezi manually encases the solid strips of iron he embeds in the wood with thousands of copper coils to produce the optimal electrical resistance level for the best quality of sound (2X 7kΩ). The solid strips of iron are far more sensitive to the vibrations of the individual strings than the six separate metal poles commonly used in pickups, yielding superior results. This humbucking pickup, which is cut to the standard size of a Fender Precision Bass pickup, has a lustrous epoxy finish. 
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