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Staggered Humbucker          
Ezi Staggered Humbucker Guitar Pickup
The Ezi Staggered Humbucker Guitar Pickup is optimally used in the neck and bridge positions, producing a full range of clear lows, a dynamic and present mid-range as well as a distinct high-range, but with just a bit of the edge taken off the very highest end.
As opposed to regular fully-parallel humbuckers, the Ezi Staggered Humbucker Guitar Pickup doesn’t suffer from the muffled sound that is typical of regular humbuckers and, instead, allows for clear and distinct notes to resonate.
The porous body of an Ezi Staggered Humbucker Pickup, which is made out of maple, wenge or bubinga wood, has no effective electrical capacitance, allowing for the true and full sound of the dynamic created between string and guitar to shine through uncorrupted by residual static electricity and uncompressed, producing a crystalline quality sound.
Using neodymium magnets and fine copper wire of the highest quality, Ezi manually encases the solid strips of iron he embeds in the wood with thousands of copper coils to produce the optimal electrical resistance level for the best quality of sound (9.5kΩ for full-sized humbuckers, and 7.5kΩ for staggered humbucker the size of a single coil pickup). The solid strips of iron are far more sensitive to the vibrations of the individual strings than the six separate metal poles commonly used in pickups, yielding superior results.

The Ezi Staggered Humbucker Guitar Pickup, which is cut to the standard sizes of either a Strat-styled or a mounted Les Paul humbucker pickup, has a lustrous epoxy finish.

Ezi Staggered Humbucker Guitar Pickups are also available the size of regular single-coil-sized pickups.

Custom orders
If you want an Ezi Staggered Humbucker Guitar Pickup that is slightly off the beaten track in terms of its look, components or dimensions, we would be pleased to receive any specific requests you might have for a custom order. If you’re in pursuit of a different look, Ezi Pickups can create a pickup out of nearly any kind of wood, pending availability and durability, be it oak, ebony, purpleheart, mahogany, beech, cherry… you name it. If the wood is available and strong enough, Ezi Pickups can make it for you. A list of commonly available types of wood appears on the custom order page to choose from. When ordering custom-made pickups, you can also specify the electrical resistance you would like in your pickup. Reduce the electrical for a thinner and brighter tone, or increase the electrical for a more full-bodied sound. Lastly, if you need a pickup that isn’t of standard size or structure, please cite in your query the specific dimensions or design here, and we’ll let you know if we can accommodate and how much it will cost. To submit a query about a customized pickup designed and produced specifically for you, click here.

Staggered pickup

Staggered pickup
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