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The Ezi humbucking Bass pickup I tested was very detailed without sounding sterile, revealing yet warm with a top end I have only heard in active systems, but more natural sounding, just the way I like it. Works nicely with a simple tone knob to simulate more vintage sounds. I highly recommend these pickups for experienced players with discriminating taste who want to hear more detail from their bass(es)with a wider dynamic range.". Bill Compeau-Ark Instruments


Bill Compeau, Ark InstrumentsStaggered humbucker for five-string bass

Dear Ezi,

For a long time I thought that I’d never be able to churn out of my guitar the sounds that I imagined in my mind’s ear. I thought that if I wanted the sound to be good I was going to have to replace the entire guitar! I was really on the verge of despair… until I met Ezi who, before everything else, is a dear and honest man, who provides gracious service and was responsive to what I wanted the whole way through. Part of the experience of ordering from Ezi is the fact that he’s a partner in understanding your guitar. The moment Ezi’s pickups were installed, everything changed. The sound was regal, every note was just right. It was an experience that can’t be described. Ezi—thank you very much!

Maor Karko | Set of three single coil Ezi Pickups

As someone who’s had a guitar with custom pickups from two of the biggest names out there, and as someone who’s played all the major brand names in the world, I think that the fact that the fact that I remembered the guitar that I played in high school and the fact that I’ve been searching for the person who manufactured the pickups I had on it for the past four years speaks for itself. I’ve never played with pickups that come anywhere near the quality and the clarity of Ezi’s pickups. There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll install them in any guitar that I build. Ezi’s pickups make [brand name deleted] sound like a made-in-China pickup with a torn coil!

Lee Oren, Luthier | Set of three three single coil Ezi Pickups 

I bought from Ezi a custom made hum-cancelling high output pickup made of bubinga wood for a six-string Carlo Robelli bass, New York. Here is a picture of the custom made pickup.

Ezi’s pickups come as a pleasant surprise for any sound maven, be it in live performances or in studio recordings. The richness and ability to utilize the full range of frequencies that an instrument with a wide breadth is capable of producing are characteristics that make working easier, and allow the musician to manipulate the sound from a particularly successful starting point. Immediately after replacing my old bridge pickup (with its flat and dead sound), you could hear how the power of the instrument forged its way beyond the wall of sound produced by the other instruments, and achieved a clear and harmonious presence. In all my years, I’ve never come across pickups that sound like that. Here and here are links to two live recordings, in improvisation sessions by a group of musicians who got together for the first time.


Nimrod Weislib | Custom-made humbucker bass Ezi Pickup 

The first time I played a set of Ezi pickups was on a friend’s custom guitar, and I was amazed by the quality and beauty of these pickups, and for month I kept on thinking about upgrading my guitar with a set, until finally I was lucky enough to have the genius behind this pickups, himself, install a brand new set on my Fender Stratocaster.

Right there in his workshop we were both amazed with the change in sound quality, clarity and sustain, but it was only when I had to record some really demanding studio work I realized how good these pickups are.

I always felt the guitar should be and extension of my musical will, but it was only when I had this pickups to support me I felt that there is nothing in the way, no struggle, just instant flow.

The improvement in sustain length, the clear cut attack, the way I could hear each string individually in a chord, even with heavy distorted sound, and how responsive these pickups are really help me play effortlessly and with such joy and ease.

This is, by far, one of my best gear related decisions.

Dan (Dawn) Cohen | Set of three single coil Ezi Pickups

Ezi’s pickup really unlocked my guitar’s potential. Only after I replaced the standard Fender pickup with Ezi’s did I realize just how murky my guitar used to sound. The best way of describing the change is that it’s like putting on glasses for the first time and suddenly seeing things in sharp focus. Not that the sound wasn’t good before, but there’s no comparison. All the plasticity is gone. It’s like after watching a Pink Floyd concert on YouTube for years and then finally seeing it in HD on a big screen. 

Sharon Kaplan | Set of two single coil Ezi Pickups

To reach the full implementation of the pickups in my design of the “Eldur,” I decided to try a set of Ezi wooden humbuckers: a staggered humbucker for the neck, and a parallel humbucker for the bridge. The pickups were built out of maple, and were sent unfinished at my request so that I had the opportunity to stain them in keeping with the concept of the “Eldur.”  This is what I call “custom!” The result is amazing. So far from the designer’s view. But when I connected the guitar for the first time to the amp, a big surprise was waiting. The sound is overwhelming!  A very unique sound, different from the well-known.I use a 3-way-toggle on the “Eldur,” no splitting. No need for that with these pickups. The bridge and neck give a huge range from warm, bell-like to a sharp-edged tone. Every note of a chord is present and clear, no matter if clean or distorted play. I use these great Pickups with a 27” baritone-scale, the sound is huge and powerful ! Thank you very much! We’ll meet again… Jens

Jens Barkholz, Decision GuitarsSet of two Guitar Humbuckers

I've been meaning to do this but just spaced it as I've been real busy. 

Most have seen the double neck bass I just built. But I wanted to talk about the pickups for a moment. They are Ezi Pickups form a company in Israel. ezipickups.com

Let me start with the obvious. They look fantastic. The workmanship and finish are great. 

Now for the best part the sound. Wow , I'm not really sure how to describe it but they have a lot of clarity and definition. The notes kinda just jump from them. They are very responsive to string attack. You can play very subtly, it will come through. And if you push them hard they will say is that all you got.

The sound can almost be described as Hi-Fi but in the best analog sort of way. 

Of note is that they are not simply wooden covers . The pickup is built right into a wooden block . If I'm not mistaken there is no plastic bobbin or anything . 

They are a unique pickup and I will definitely work with them on future builds as designs call for . 

Go to their website to find out more . Also you can check out Roey Haviv and his videos on YouTube of the double neck bass. 

Bonobo Guitars definitely supports Ezi Pickups.


Jeremy Moldoven, Luthier, Bonobo Guitars | Set of two bass humbuckers 

I just wanted to let you know that I recently acquired the Lisboa PG from Ergon Guitars and that your pickups are truly incredible. They are exactly as you state "clear and distinct - even when playing chords." You can hear the guitar and fingers through the sound.

The pickups in the guitar are staggered humbuckers. They are also extremely quiet.

I am going to be purchasing the Porto EU from Adriano and picking it up at NAMM this January. I believe the neck pickup is the same but the bridge is a full humbucker. I am looking forward to hearing and playing that.

I would also like to commend you on how well the pickups sound with overdrive and distortion.  You can still hear all of the strings ring out.  Touch sensitivity with gain!  Wow!

Very well done!


Lou Vergn | Set of two staggered Ezi humbuckers