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About us

Ezi Aizik—Artisan
Ezi Aizik, an accomplished luthier and a renowned audiophile, has spent most of his life in pursuit of what he defines as "perfect" sound: an uncompressed, clear sound that has lost none of its intrinsic dynamism and detail along the way.
Several years ago Ezi took his passion for music and sound to the next natural level and began to build electric guitars, basses and pickups, using his extensive knowledge and skills in carpentry, electronics and the science of sound to manufacture signature works of art.

Over the past several years, Ezi focused mainly on his unique handmade wooden pickups, which are crucial to the quality of sound in any electric guitar or bass. After years of fine tuning, Ezi has succesfully struck the delicate balance among the components and design to achieve Ezi Pickups’ signature sound: uncompressed, full-bodied and dynamic.
Ezi Pickups
Thanks to their unique structure and components, Ezi Pickups produce a fully dynamic and detailed sound that is unlike any other pickup on the market. With our guitar pickups, each note will be heard distinctly and clearly, from top to bottom, even when playing chords. ​Our bass pickups produce sound that is uncompressed, crisp but warm. Rich in detail and broadly dynamic, each note will be heard distinctly and clearly, from the deep reaches of growling lows all the way to the top of the high end. maximizing your bass’s potential.
Compare and Contrast
The wooden body of an Ezi Pickup has no effective electrical capacitance and retains no static electricity. As a result, our pickups suffer from none of the corruption and compression that is created by the plastic components used in standard pickups, even in hand-wound customized pickups. We also embed solid strips of iron, which are far more sensitive to the vibrations of the individual strings than the separate poles commonly used in pickups, yielding optimal sensitivity and results. Moreover, instead of a thick bobbin, the fine copper coil is separated from the iron core by what is literally a paper-thin buffer to produce our signature sound: dynamic, uncompressed, uncorrupted and which has lost none of its range and detail along the way. 
Off the Shelf and Customized Orders
Ezi’s pickups are made of solid pieces of maple, wenge and bubinga wood, which are carved to the most common dimensions. Ezi Pickups is open to requests for custom-ordered pickups that are made out of other kinds of wood, and/or with a higher or lower number of coils to modify the electrical resistance. We can also manufacture pickups of unique dimensions for guitars that do not use standard-sized pickups. Prices will vary on custom orders.

Ezi Pickups
Unlocking Potential
​Handmade to perfection, Ezi Pickups will make your instument stand out in sheer beauty and elegance, while taking your sound to an entirely new level: dynamic, detailed and uncompressed. Unlock the full potential of your instrument and order a guitar or bass Ezi Pickup today.